Trip details and itinerary


  • Runs will vary in distance depending on runners’ abilities and interests. 
  • Beginner group will run anywhere from 5 – 12 miles per day, while experienced runners may run up to 26 miles per day.  
  • All of our morning runs start as one group at the same trail, with the faster group running longer, while slower runners do a shorter variation. Those wanting to log additional miles will also have the opportunity for a second run in the afternoon. We also provide tri-athletes the opportunity to get in some mountain biking mileage. 
  • Each morning run will focus on a different trail-running skill, with coaches providing on-the-fly feedback to ensure guests have the best experience on the trails.
  • All runners are able to go at their own pace always accompanied by a Guide or Coach. No one will be on their own. 
  • The retreat is best suited to those with the fitness level to be able to run at least six miles continuously on roads. Previous trail running experience is not required.


This camp is best suited for those with the fitness level to be able to run at least six miles continuously on roads. Previous trail running experience is not required.


We will have three one-hour workshops during the camp, each focused on a different topic. Using questions submitted by the participants in advance, we will focus the workshops on each topic, using engaging discussions to educate and inspire participants.

We hope that you will learn:

  • How to ascend long climbs and short, steep trail sections
  • How to descend safely and without “frying” your leg muscles
  • How to adeptly navigate technical (rocky, rooty, challenging) terrain
  • When going from roads to trails, how to alter pacing and cadence and breathing, especially at high altitude.
  • How to fuel and hydrate yourself before, during and after runs
  • How to recover optimally on your rest days in order to maintain high training quality
  • How to train for your next trail race while keeping running playful and fun (and avoiding burnout!)
  • How to pursue goals without sacrificing flexibility and spontaneity in your running
  • How to carve out more time to run no matter how crazy busy your schedule
  • What gear is best for different terrain, distances, and weather condition

Presenter: Stevie Kremer

PRICING  - $3,700 per person for single occupancy or $2,150 per person for double occupancy

*If you would like to extend your trip by and additional day on June 13th, you may do so at the highly discounted rate of $1,000 per person for single occupancy, and $580 per person for double occupancy.

*Please note rates depend on room availability.  Please inquire with our sales team to get detailed rate info.


Salomon will provide each camper with a swag bag that contains items with a Retail Value of $100+