“I couldn’t think of a more perfect place to live and play than Crested Butte, and I’m so thrilled to be co-hosting the Third Annual Eleven Salomon Running Experience.  This is my backyard, my playground and it’s honestly one of my favorite places to run. The combination of the big vistas and incredible trails with the amazing accommodations and gourmet meals Eleven provides make this camp a runner’s dream vacation.  Get ready to get high on adrenaline and take in views like you’ve never seen before."


Born in Germany and raised in Connecticut, I never really ran until I joined the indoor track team in high school.  Even then, I only took part to stay in shape for the physically demanding sport of Golf. I attended Colorado College, where I ran to keep off the "freshman 15".  It wasn’t until I moved to Crested Butte, CO and competed in my first trail race with my favorite pair of lacrosse shorts and an oversized t-shirt, that I started realizing how much I love running, especially in the mountains and on trails.

For the last 5 summers, I have competed in trail races, initially throughout Colorado. Four summers ago, I ran my first international trail race, and I couldn’t have picked a better one: the Sierre Zinal race in Switzerland.  Since then I competed in the Jungfrau Marathon in Switzerland, where I won the 2012 Long Distance World Mountain Championships, along with mountain races in every continent in the World, except Antarctica. In addition, I competed in the Skyrunner® World Series, both this year and last, which is a series of five mountain races in Europe and the US, where I became the 2013 and 2014 Skyrunner® World Series Champion 

During the winter I enjoy racing in the mountains, on the snow, as a Ski-Mountaineer. This past year, I was the International Ski Mountaineering Gold Medal winner for the U.S. and was the overall female winner of the COSMIC (Colorado Ski Mountaineering) Series.   

When I’m not running or ski mountaineering, I relish the time I spend in the classroom as a Third Grade Teacher at the Crested Butte Community School in Crested Butte, CO.

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Orthopedic Surgeon 



As a fellowship-trained Foot and Ankle Orthopedic surgeon and an avid runner, I am passionate about helping people be more active on their feet. Whatever it is you do; walking, running, biking, and skiing, we use our feet to propel us through the activity. Running is the most demanding of the feet when interacting with the ground to move forward in our environment. One of the biggest keys to success in longevity of activity is evaluating how your body and feet hit the ground.

During our session we will discuss concepts in overuse injuries in running and each participant will get a standing analysis/evaluation included in the Eleven Salomon Running Experience.


Add on any of the below services on for a discounted Eleven rate.

  • Full gait analysis including treadmill evaluation: ($300 value) for $200
  • Custom Stomp Orthotics ($400 value) for $350
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