"I was a summer camp junkie as a kid and I never grew out of it! Crested Butte is one of the prettiest towns I've visited, with impressive mountains and colorful wildflowers.  Getting to explore that with such a cool group of people - my Salomon teammates plus other trail enthusiasts - is truly living the dream!" 

Cassandra has always always enjoyed exploring outside, whether in an organized sport or just running free. A solid foundation of knowledge came from running on teams in high school and college, dabbling in a wide variety of sports, and also studying sport management and then nursing at university.  This has given her a great bag of tricks to draw from when running ultras! Ultrarunning took off for Cassandra when she decided to live out of her car for six months, exploring the National Parks and touring around the U.S.  She now lives in Boulder, Colorado and enjoys discovering the beauty of the Rockies on her two feet.

Cassandra's flexible work schedule as a nurse allows her to take frequent running trips to concrete jungles, mountains and beaches.  With the help of her sponsors, she has had the opportunity to visit to the places of my dreams and get to know many inspiring people.  Her sponsors include Salomon, Julbo, Drymax,  Atlas Snowshoes, UGo Bars, Tailwind, and Boulder Track Club.